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a riddle:

a man is driving his son to school. they get into an accident and the man dies. the son is rushed to the hospital and when he arrives for emergency surgery the doctor says “i cant operate on this boy, he is my son!” how is this possible?

omg one time our english teacher told us this to try and show what a modern thinker he was and we were all like “it’s a woman” and he was like oh wow i thought he was gay i hadn’t thought of that

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person : why do you draw everything facing left in 3/4 view

me : im a right handed mediocre artist 

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if someone doesn’t reply back I’ll just assume he/she hates me

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"One day I just woke up and realized that I can’t touch yesterday. So why the heck was I letting it touch me?"

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"I give a fuck. I give lots of fucks, actually. I’m a prostitute of feelings."

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I am awake but at what price

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"don’t support nestle!" shouts the liberal on the computer made from parts manufactured at foxconn

consumer activism is a lie, see you in hell or in communism

lmao try boycotting a brand in monopoly capitalism


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Your shirt and pants are unnecessary take them off

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